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We’re glad that you have chosen us to be your Washington DC real estate agents. We know that through the course of our transaction we will have spent many hours together. We promise that we will treat you with respect, honesty and an unparalleled professionalism. We ask that our clients reciprocate and treat us with the same so that our process of  buying a new luxury condo, rowhouse or investment property will be as pleasant as possible. We look forward to working with you.

We understand that any real estate transaction can be stressful. It is for this reason that we are equipped with not only the latest technology but also the best people. We are a team of very capable experienced and passionate real estate agents who enjoy serving you. Our phones are never off and there is always someone there to take your call.

Experience makes the difference

Neighborhood Knowledge of Washington DC: Always choose an agent who specializes in your neighborhood – BuySellDC is that team of agents!


Part of any successful real estate transaction is cooperation among real estate agents. While some agents make the process of selling and buying difficult, we do not. We cooperate with agents because it is in the interest of the client! This philosophy has earned us a great deal of respect in the Washington DC real estate community and we have been able to build one of the strongest networks in the area.