Christine and Jeremy: New Homebuyers, Columbia Heights

Dear Homebuyers,

My fiance and I were lucky enough to meet Amir and Gulia last fall, and we chose them to help lead us through the home-searching and buying process.  After working closely with them for several months, we know them well and highly recommend their services. Their experience in the D.C. area and professionalism will make you comfortable and confident as you prepare for this most important purchase.

Amir and Gulia went beyond offering advice, guidance, and support.  They were attentive, assertive, protective of our needs, and dedicated to our interests.  They helped us shape our deal-breakers and identify our best possible investment.  After spending countless hours reviewing listings, walking through many homes, and talking us through the process, Amir and Gulia went the extra mile while bidding and remained around-the-clock glued to their emails during the closing. We asked them lots of questions and went back and forth to our favorite listings many (many!) times. They were always happy to oblige.  We found their responsiveness reassuring and essential as the pieces of the deal came together.

If you’re interested in a hard-working pair, who knows the community and care about your needs, you could not ask for a better team than Amir and Gulia.  Not only will they help get you exactly what you want, but they will make you enjoy the process!


Christine and Jeremy, Columbia Heights

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